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  BOLLINGTON UNITED:  CHAMPIONS 2003-04                     

 Games played Sunday PM.             Home games at 'The Rec', Bollington


7/9/03                        Brushes Rangers      0       Bollington United        4                    HT=0-0, Warm & Sunny      xx

                                            Excellent performance making the long trip worthwhile. Played good pressure football.    


21/9/03                      Reddish Boys           1       Bollington United        7                    HT=0-4, Warm & Sunny      

                                            Another classy performance, set up by two early goals..    


28/9/03                      Bollington United       3       Great Moor County     1                    HT=0-1, Warm & Sunny      

                                            A battling display after conceding in first half. Left it late with two goals in last 5 mins, but plenty of character.    


12/10/03                    Bollington United       3       AFC Stanley              1                    HT=1-0  Cloudy      xx

                                           Competitive match with Bolly gaining in fluency once 2 goals clear. Strange pen to Stanley in injury time

                                           with controversial booking incident.    (1-1,2-0, 3-0, 3-1)


19/10/03                    Brendon Bees           1       Bollington United        3                    HT=0-2   Cloudy      x

                                           Good match on small pitch against a good team. Tight game until the 3rd went in, munites from time.

                                          (0-1,0-2,1-2, 1-3).    


26/10/03                    Bramhall North          2       Bollington United        7                    HT=1-4 Cloudy        xxx

                                            Explosive match against inferior opposition due largely to truly appalling refereeing (who seemed to target specific players). 

                                          (1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 2-5, 2-6, 2-7)    


2/11/03                      Bollington United        2       Mountfield Rovers    1                    HT=1-1, Cloudy, Some Rain

                                           Very competitive game, but rarely over the edge, but decent referring performance (despite sending off for arguing). 

                                          Battled hard  to win despite missed chances. (0-1,1-1,2-1)    


23/11/03                    Bollington United      5       Brushes Rangers       1                    HT=3-0, Cloud & Sunny      x

                                           Bolly always had the edge and looked better as the game progressed with some excellent passing and movement.  A

                                          very good display. (1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, 5-1)  


7/12/03                      Bollington United      9       Reddish Boys            1                    HT=4-0, Cloud & Sunny      xxx

                                           HT score could have been 3-3, but Bolly far more cutting near goal. Very professional display.l.    


14/12/03                    Great Moor County   1       Bollington United        5                    HT=0-3, Cloudy      xx

                                           Very muddy pitch, but Bolly adapted extremely well to produce an outstanding performance. 

                                          (0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5)    


18/01/04                    Bollington United      8       Brendon Bees            3                    HT=4-0, Cloudy      xxx

                                           Bolly produced an outstanding first 30 mins, with some exceptionally fast and strong power play, to put the game almost

                                          beyond reach by half time.  Foot off the gas for periods of the second, but a comfortable and well deserved win.

                                          (7-0, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 8-3)    


25/01/04                    Bollington United      12      Bramhall North           2                    HT=7-1, Cloudy      xxxxx

                                           Despite the heavy conditions, Bolly moved the ball around very well and competed all over the pitch. 

                                          A determined display for which the opposition had no answers. As so often this season, the game was over 

                                          as a contest during the first half. This well earned victory, in fact, guaranteed the title.   (2-0, 2-1, 3-1.... 12-1, 12-2)    


25/01/04                    AFC Stanley             3      Bollington United         4                    HT=?-?

                                           Missed chances made heavy going of this fixture.  





Division 1

                                            P              W            D             L              Pts

Bollington United                 13            13             0              0              26  

Mountfield Rovers                9              6              1              2              13  

Brendon Bees                      10             5              1              4              11

Reddish Boys                      12             4              2              6              10  

Great Moor County             12             3              3              6                9

AFC Stanley                        13             4              1              8               9  

Brushes Rangers                  13             3              2              8                8

Bramhall North 75               10             2              2              6                4

Apollo                                  0              0              0              0                0  



Division 2

                                              P            W             D             L              Pts

Whaley Bridge                      14           11              1              2              23

Riverside Athletic                  14           11              1              2              23  

Staly Youth                           13            7               1              5             15  

Woodley Albion                   13             6               1              6             13

Stockport Dynamoes            12            5               3              4              13

Bramhall Albion                    14            3               3              8                9

Marple Athletic                     14            4               0             10               6

Ladybridge Park                   14            1               2              11              4  






4/1/04                     Marple Athetic     0       Bollington United       6                    HT=0-2, Cloudy      xx

Straight forward win against second division Marple. Although many chances went begging, Bolly always looked like scoring.     


                              Quarter Final:

8/2/04                     Bollington United  3       Great Moor County    2                    HT=1-1, Cloudy, heavy      x

Strongly  contested match in windy conditions. United took the lead twice, only for GMC to equalize each time, the  second  taking  the tie into extra time. Playing with ten men from the hour mark, due to a sending off as a result of extremely  over-zealous refereeing, Bolly hung on, competing for every loose ball. Bolly's, third goal, one minute into extra time, 


21/3/04                   Mountfield Rovers  0       Bollington United        1                 HT=0-0, Wind, showers      x

This was a titanic struggle. Bolly were depleted in numbers to just 11 players, which on a heavy pitch was always going to present a difficult challenge.  Some good football was played in the first half, with both teams committed. With the driving wind behind them, and some fresh legs on the pitch, Mountfield started the second half on top. Liam however was unfortunately sent off 15 minutes in, which enabled Bolly to get back on top. The lead was eventually secured, but with 7 minutes injury time and the same 11 players still on the pitch, the whistle was a relief. 


25/4/04                   Brushes Rangers  4     Bollington United        3                 HT=3-1, Cloudy     

This match was marred by the presence of the referee who had grossly mishandled two previous Bollington matches.  We can only speculate why he was in charge of this, but his very presenve had an obvious effect upon the players, who quickly found themselves 2-0 down. Although repeatedly cutting the deficit to one goal, United simply could not score at the right times. Having very heavily beaten this team three already this season, this was a disappointing afternoon.




A mini-tournament to fill free weeks:


7/3/04                      Bollington United     10       Ladybridge Park       0            HT=3-0, Cloudy, sun, showers    xxxx

                                 Bolly quickly over-run their second division opponents and never looked threatened. 


28/3/04                    Bollington United       9       Brushes Rangers     0            HT=2-0, Cloudy    xxx

                                Very tight first half, which could have resulted in a 3-3 half time score. Bolly's defence, however, was as resolute 

                                as ever. After the third the traffic was largely one way, despite being reduced in numbers.


11/4/04                    Stockport Dynamoes   2       Bollington United   2            HT=1-2, Cloudy    x

                                The appalling referee from the Bramhall match was for some reason given this fixture, which

                                essentially caused the game (and the tournament itself) to degenerate into a farce. True to form he 

                                sent United's keeper off in the first half, and allowed the very aggressive Stockport team to get away

                                pretty much with anything they wanted. At one stage the game was even abandoned. The club 

                                submitted an official complain regarding his conduct.



A Muddy Day on 'The Rec' (v Bramhall)


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