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Bollington United








On their five European tours the squad visited Spain, Holland, France, Belgium and Ireland. Despite some close and exciting games, against top class opposition, they managed to maintain a 100% record.

Details of each trip are given below.


  SPAIN 1997

Based at Llorett De Mar                                                                                      October 1997


Lorett                      0              Bollington                1              (-)                   Played in heavy rain  


Barcelona                2              Bollington                3              (2)                  HT= 2-1






  HOLLAND - 1998

29/10/98                   Xerxes ( Rotterdam )   0              Bollington United                    8              (3)      



Back: Matt Jackson, Darren Addison, Jason Shuttleworth, Alex Rose, Alan Wright, David Jackson

Front: Chris Holroyd, Pete Shaw, Jack Parr, Nick Johnson, Mark Talbot





FRANCE - 1999

Based at Davy Crockett Ranch, Disneyland                                                              October 1999



26/10/99                  Ermont (Paris)                           0              Bollington United                    1


                                        Long long search for stadium…. Evening match.  HT = 0-1

                                        Tremendous gritty performance against an excellent team. Under attack for large parts of game, calling for

        strong defending from whole team. 



28/10/99                  Beynes FC                                0              Bollington United                    8


                                          More rural location and much easier game.

                                          Once Bollington broke through, there would only be one winner. Good display on a pleasant evening.  






BELGIUM - 2000

Based at Sun Parks, Rauwse Meren                                                                      October 2000

xx/10/00                 Rood Wit   U14s            1           Bollington United U14s          7

An excellent performance against a class team. Bolly chased every loose ball and simply did not allow their hosts to settle, whilst at the smae time producing some clinical finishing.

xx/10/00                 Roda Heilust                  0           Bollington United U14s         4

Against a bigger more physical team, Bolly took an early lead but were forced to hang on for much of the first half. The second goal, however, killed the game and in the end this was a comfortable victory.



IRELAND - 2002

Based in Dublin                                                                                           Sat 19th October 2002 


xx/10/02                 Bohemians          2                Bollington United          3

An exciting game played in clear conditions, although dusk. Very conpetitive but fair.  HT=0-2 

(0-1,0-2, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3)


Pictures to follow soon....





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