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This is the official tribute site for Bollington United Under 17s, 1996-2004.

The squad enjoyed eight eventful and highly enjoyable years together.... from the under 10s age group, right through to under 17s. Although extremely successful on so many criteria, it was unique for a wide range of others... the first team from the area to visit Europe every year, the first to embark on 'stadium tours', and so on.




The 'Finished Article', With Championship Trophy




   The BUFC Chronology


This web site contains a full chronology of the team's progress, throughout this period. It includes:


Results, season by season, for almost all games played

Details of tournaments, tours and special matches

Photographs of the team and it players

A list of honours and achievements

A complete list of every player who has turned out for the team, including 'one hit wonders'.

Hopefully, by logging all this data, the site will provide a reference point for all ex-players, and interested parties, long into the future. 









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